My pandemic challenges

Jagen Barrett, Writer

The schools made us go online and it was not a choice. This was an obstacle because it was not something that most of us wanted. Most of us wanted to stay in school and finish out the year.

We had to use technology a lot more during the beginning of the pandemic. We are still using technology a lot more than we did before the pandemic.

It was tough to talk to some friends with the pandemic in full force. We couldn’t talk due to online school holding us back from talking to one another.

Imagine you are at a grocery store waiting behind a man six feet away from him. You are talking to your friend with your mask down just a little bit. A worker quickly tells you to put your mask back on. 

I remember when, in a couple days, it was Spring Break. We were all happy that we were one day closer to Spring Break then they told us that we had an extended Spring Break. Most of us were very happy that we had an extra day for Spring Break. Our lives changed when we realized that it was extended for a long time.

We had to use technology more during the pandemic because it was not safe being in-person talking to everybody face to face.

March 13, 2020, this was the week, hundreds of schools nationwide close down in efforts to stop the Coronavirus outbreak. Students are forced to stay home. Parents are losing jobs daily.

Covid-19 has affected me and my friends very greatly over these past 2 years. We lost almost a year of our lives quarantining. Life changed in just a couple of weeks.