Simple things get harder after COVID


Presley Hinson, Writer

Nobody could go outside, therefore, we couldn’t see anyone but our family. I and my family would play games together and hang out together. So therefore covid brought our family closer together. 

Something covid affected was not being able to hang out with friends as much. People who did not hang out with friends a lot anyways did not get affected by this. 

Covid affected sports because we could not go to some games or practices.
People who do not do sports aren’t affected by not being able to go to games. 

My aunt got Covid. During the time she had Covid, I was really stressed out. I was stressed about how she was doing and when she was going to get better. I was relieved when I finally found out she was negative and feeling much better. 

We had to get the vaccine to go in some places. What I mean by this is you could not go into some places without the vaccine. For example, to go into your favorite store, you might have to show your vaccine card. 

My friend’s mom got Covid during Christmas break, therefore I could not hang out with her throughout the whole Christmas break. 

With my research, I found that according to covid has negatively impacted their academic performance. Also according to, they say Covid has introduced uncertainty into major aspects of national and global society including schools.

Covid affected a lot of people in a lot of ways. First, we were talking about how all the different ways covid has affected people. Next, we talked about how you could not go outside, because of quarantine and some of my personal thoughts about covid and the way covid affected people. Then we talked about an experience that a lot of people probably had relating to Covid and the covid vaccine. Lastly, we talked about how covid negatively affected school.