How it changed me


Emma Brown, Writer

Schools were shut down everywhere, and people were doing virtual school. Sports were shutting down and we weren’t getting enough exercise. Restaurants were closing. We had to go to the grocery store more.

My family got covid and we wore masks everywhere. A lot of people’s families probably have gotten covid at least once or have gotten sick. Or their friends could have been quarantined or had covid.

My mom had covid a while ago and we had to be quarantined for a week.

During covid, when people are trapped inside, quarantined, they want to try some new styles in their outfit. Or they had to wear masks for a long time and wash their hands every time they went out.

I had to wear masks everywhere as well and use hand sanitizer if I even touched someone and it was annoying — even if it helped.

We had to stay 6 feet away from each other and wear masks everywhere or the store or restaurant wouldn’t let us in. You have probably once had to grab your mask in your house every time before you had to leave or forget your mask and have to wear a different mask.

I play soccer and when Covid started, practice got canceled and so were games, even outdoor games.

My mom got covid for one week and I had to stay quarantined and wear masks in school even after my mom got sick.

Masks keep you safer than without a mask but it doesn’t keep you from getting sick. It just decreases your chances of getting covid.

Covid drastically changed my life and the way I had to live. I wore masks and washed my hands even after I shook hands with someone. I had to stay 6 feet away from everyone and was quarantined for a while. All my friends were quarantined and school was shutting down as well as sports.