7-UP, Sprite, or Sierra Mist.


The great debate! 7-UP, Sprite, Sierra Mist. Which one will be the crowd-pleaser, the favorite, and the best out of the three?

7-UP is not my favorite. There is a lot of carbonation and you can somewhat taste the flavoring. The carbonation gives it a very strong, but plain taste.

Sprite has a decent amount of carbonation. You can barely taste the flavoring because there is not enough of it.

Sierra Mist is my go-to soda. There is not too much carbonation and just enough flavoring to taste it. I think out of the three sodas, Sierra Mist is the sweetest and has a stronger taste.

In conclusion, out of these three sodas, my favorite one is the Sierra Mist. All of them are decent, but they all have room to improve.