Hats & Hoodies


Hats and hoodies — should we have them or should we not have them in school? This may answer the question.
One reason we have to take off our hoodie inside is that teachers have to identify students.

“Teachers might not know who you are and might think you are an intruder,” said 8th-grader J. Mack Dewey.

If a hoodie were to have a curse word on it that would not be school-appropriate, but if I were to wear a hoodie that says “sus” would that be acceptable? The dress code is clear about some things. If people could wear a collar then could I wear a hat/hoodie?

“I think it’s a good message to send to young adults and depends on the word like if it was a curse word, but virginity isn’t as bad as a curse word,” says Dewey.

The teacher might not be able to identify who you are and if many other students were to do that in a school hallway.
The hat or hoodie might be inappropriate. But what about students that are just trying to shut out all of the noise between History hall and Science?

The National Center of Education Statistics’ latest data finds that 20 percent of schools have a school uniform. Some school shooters have worn hoodies and so maybe that is why they want us to take it off. Some people might want to hide something if they are embarrassed about something that happened.

Hoodies are everywhere, especially in school.  They are a piece of middle school culture. I don’t break the rule, but there are days when it’s nice to blend in.


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Should students be allowed to have hoods up on their hoodies?


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