3 Questions about Chapstick


If there ever was a specific season for lip balm, this would be it. Some people use it year-round to keep their lips from drying out in the hot sun or from drying out in dry cold weather. Maybe it turns into a habit or maybe we just like the way our faces look with a sheen on our smackers.

What is Chapstick?
Many people in Yukon Middle School, and really everywhere, use chapstick. Chapstick is a brand of Lip balm that is used to help chapped lips. However some people say that it’s not doing its job, in fact, it seems like it’s doing the exact opposite. Chapstick can temporarily soothe your lips, but sometimes after using chapstick for a while it can feel as if your lips have become more chapped.

Does Chapstick make your lips more chapped?
Since chapstick’s product is supposed to help with chapped lips, then if it worked really well you wouldn’t buy their product anymore. Could Chapstick be purposefully putting ingredients in their lip balm that make their product not work? Most likely this is not the case. Some people say that using chapstick over and over again it soothes your lips but the moisturizer can actually dry out your lips over time. This is because continually putting on chapstick slows the reproduction of new skin cells on your lips. The new skin cells are what make your lips smooth. It is possible that your lips become so dependent on chapstick that they stop producing the natural oils.

Other people say that chapstick does not in fact slow the reproduction of new skin cells on your lips. Instead, some say that not wearing chapstick only makes you aware of the fact that your lips are bare, making them feel chapped.

Is Chapstick Addictive?
There is no evidence that Chapstick is putting anything addictive in its product. With its calming scents and smooth feel, Chapstick can sometimes be used as a stress reliever. So it can become a habit to apply it at any time, especially if you’re anxious. The small plastic containers make it easy to carry around in your pocket and use frequently. There is a fine line between something addictive and simply a habit that’s hard to break.

What Is The Best Solution for Chapped Lips?
8th grader Kinsley Reed says “I use ‘Blistex’ it’s the only one that actually works, I put it on about every hour, I’ve been using it since 6th grade, ’Burt’s Bees’ and ‘Carmax’ does not work.” Some people use Vaseline for chapped lips, but dermatologists say that this isn’t the best way to help chapped lips. So people have been left with chapped lips, not sure what to use.